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Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access is now available on Steam

Fans of the Eastside Hockey Manager series will be happy to know that SEGA has released a new game from the series. According to the game’s developers, “We originally published Eastside Hockey Manager as a traditional ‘boxed’ game between 2004 and 2007. However, we decided to shelve it at that point because it simply didn’t make financial sense to continue publishing it in the old-fashioned way.” Thanks to Steam’s Early Access program, the decision to release a new Eastside Hockey Manager came become more financially viable.

The game allows you to take full control of your roster. You will have the ability to decide who you could trade, sign and draft. Gamers will be able to coach their team through the game’s brand new top down’ 2D match engine. EHM will offer 11 playable leagues, with more to be added during the game’s early access phase.

When asked how long the game will be in its early access phase, the developers responded with “We’re not completely sure on that just yet. But we’re talking months, not years.”

For those of you who are itching to take a shot at the latest Eastside Hockey Manager game, you can purchase it here.


Source: Gamasutra 

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