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Check out this video for Shenmue: The Documentary featuring Lisle Wilkerson

The crew behind Shenmue: The Documentary have released a behind the scenes video with the voice actress for Xiuying, Joy, and Yuan, Lisle Wilkerson. In the video, Wilkerson discusses the life of a voice actor and meeting fans of her work. You can check out the video at the top of the post!

Lisle Wilkerson was raised in Tokyo Japan, where she learned how to speak Japanese fluently. Currently based in Los Angeles, Wilkerson works as a freelance voice actress and local correspondent for the Emmys, Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Grammys for Japan.

She has voiced numerous other characters in video games, including  Nina Williams, Christie Monteiro and Zafina from the Tekken series, and Sarah Bryant in Virtua Fighter 5.

You can follow the progress of Shenmue: The Documentary on Facebook here and on Twitter here!


Source: IMDB 

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