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Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Unite comic will include other SEGA/Capcom characters

According to an IGN interview with Archie Comics editor Paul Kaminski, there will be other characters from the SEGA/Capcom universe to join the cast.

“Worlds Unite once again brings together the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, but the other two major franchise players in this story come from the wacky world of Sonic Boom and the futuristic battle-torn world of Mega Man X! Last year saw both the comic series launch of Sonic Boom, as well as the major Mega Man comic storyline ‘Dawn of X’, and these DRASTICALLY different worlds add a combo of comedy and action to ‘Worlds Unite’ with explosive results! But the biggest addition of all comes in the form of the villainous SIGMA from the world of Mega Man X, who will play a key role in testing both the resolve and might of our heroes!”


A cover for the upcoming comic has been released:

Go Nintendo brightened the image above and got this result:


What characters can you make out from the image above? Discuss the possibilities with us in the comments below!


Source: Go Nintendo 

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