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Here’s the first Sonic Runners gameplay footage

SEGA has updated the official Sonic Runners website with a new gameplay video and tons of information about Sonic Team’s upcoming mobile, free-to-play entry to the series.

As we previously learned, Sonic will be the main playable character, but Knuckles and Tails will be playable after unlocking them, each featuring different gameplay mechanics. According to the website, more characters will be added in the future.

There also will be a leveling system where you can raise the percentage of certain items, like how long invincibility lasts when you pick it up in the game or the duration of wisp powers last once activated. You’ll be able to equip three of these items, like Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill and Indigo Asteroid. Cyan Laser will allow high-speed aerial movement and will absorb an item when the player taps it, Yellow Drill will allow underground movement and will perform jumps, and Indigo Asteroid will allow players to float and destroy various obstacles.

Another interesting addition are companions. You’ll be able to select a companion to bring along with you in the game, and they help “players raise scores while some can enhance item effects,” the website read. “Just like player characters, they too have a certain attribute, and therefore their effects will be amplified when paired with the ‘right’ player character.” There will be 20 companions when the game releases with more to be added later.

Unfortunately, there is still no firm release date, but the site does say it will come in spring 2015. It will be available on both iOS and Android devices, sorry Windows Phone user. (heh heh, Graham)

Chris Powell

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