Creative Assembly to host 3rd annual Mod Summit

Creative Assembly has announced that they will be hosting the third annual Mod Summit this Friday, January 30th. This summit will discuss “potential new tools and new ways in which we can involve the modding community this year.” Those who attend the summit will be tweeting and live blogging throughout the day. Creative Assembly will also announce the highlights that same day as well, so you won’t have to worry about hearing new information the next day. Here is the full press release :

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 3rd annual Mod Summit, on Friday the 30th of January. With Total War: ATTILA fast approaching we thought it’s about time we held our 3rd annual Mod Summit to discuss potential new tools and new ways in which we can involve the modding community this year. The Summit will be held at our studio in Horsham, UK this Friday and we’ll be seeing some familiar faces from last year who are experts in their modding field, along with some new faces who were recognised for their efforts in last summer’s Mod Awards. We’re hoping it’ll be another great opportunity for the devs to chat with modders and share some of the detail that goes into TW code. Everyone got a huge amount out of it last year and we’re interested to hear more about their experiences using the Assembly Kits for ROME II and SHOGUN 2. The attendees will be tweeting and live blogging from the summit and we’ll be announcing the highlights on the day, so if you are into modding stay tuned to the forums and our Twitter for more news on Friday!
[Source: Creative Assembly]

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