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Total War: WARHAMMER announcement leaks in Art of War book

A scan of the page where Total War: WARHAMMER is confirmed to exist.

Remember that Art of Total War book we told you about yesterday? The one that goes in depth about the Total War series and features all sorts of interesting information and juicy pictures? Well, it contains a rather tasty surprise.

Apparently, it actually confirms that SEGA is developing Total War: WARHAMMER. In the book,¬†Creative Assembly’s Creative Director Mike Simpson discusses the future of the series and how they plan to take Total War into the mobile space and include more meaningful multiplayer, but also to a fantasy setting.

“We’re also experimenting with this in the mobile space, with Total War: KINGDOM, and taking the series to a fantasy setting with Total War: WARHAMMER,” he said.

SEGA actually signed a multi-game licensing deal for the Warhammer franchise in June 2012.

“We’ll be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before,” said Tim Heaton, Creative Assembly’s studio director. “We’re bringing those 25 years of experience and expertise in extremely high-scoring games to bear, delivering a Warhammer experience that video gamers will absolutely love.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of the Total War games, although Attila looks all sorts of awesome. I know they’re really solid titles, but that type of game has never really captivated me, but WARHAMMER sounds like it could be pretty badass.

[Via Destructoid, Source: Total War Center]

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