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Shooting outside SEGA CEO’s home

According to FNN News, a shooting occurred outside the home of SEGA Sammy CEO, Hajime Satomi.

A security guard at Satomi’s Tokyo mansion reported a loud noise at around 3:30 am this morning. One of the lights outside of Satomi’s home was found shattered. There were three bullets found near the scene of the crime, along with an empty shell casing in the road in front of the house. Neither Satomi nor his family were home at the time of the incident. Police are currently continuing an ongoing investigation. There have been no previous threats of this nature against Satomi or SEGA.

Satomi is the founder of the pachinko machine maker, Sammy Corporation, which bought SEGA back in 2004. Satomi currently holds the CEO position for both Sammy and SEGA. We will continue to update you on the story as it develops.

[Via Kotaku]


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