Alien: Isolation’s ‘Safe Haven’ add-on pack now available

“Ash, are you kidding? This thing bled acid. Who knows what it’s gonna do when it’s dead?” That’s right, you tell ’em Ripley! God, those movies were great. If you’re still aching for new DLC from Alien: Isolation, then you’re in luck! The game’s third add-on pack, ‘Safe Haven’, was released today and it comes with a brand spankin’ new Challenge Mode designed to test the reptilian portion of your brain.

“Salvage Mode will task you with surviving a series of ten challenges, without dying, as you attempt to complete objectives and make your escape.¬†You will be against the ticking clock as wave after wave of opponents stand between you and survival.” This new DLC is chest-bursting (too much?) with other features as well, including a modified Survivor Mode. “With a far larger challenge map and only one life to survive with, each level will test your skills with new objectives, a different enemy type and the risk that one wrong move will be your last.”

The first two DLC packs, ‘Corporate Lockdown’ and ‘Trauma’ , are available as well. Check out the trailer for ‘Safe Haven’ below.


Marcin Gulik

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