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Heroki coming in early 2015

“Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Prepare to unwrap Heroki early 2015! :)” read Picomy’s Facebook update.

It’s been quite awhile since we last heard of Heroki, an upcoming iOS, action-adventure game┬ádeveloped by Picomy Games. But according to a Christmas day message from the developer’s Facebook page, the game will finally be released in early 2015.

The game stars Heroki, a young lad who lives in the whimsical sky village of Levantia. All is going well until Dr. N. Forchin steals a magical amulet called the Emirex. Heroki then departs on a quest to regain the Emirex for his village, where he can use the wind to fly thanks to his handy propeller hat.

The game’s official description:

A fantastic touch-screen hero

  • Fly, freefall and fight with the help of the wind and a propeller
  • Walk and explore when on land
  • Push, pick-up and throw objects
  • Collect coins, discover power-ups, and master new skills
  • Both touch screen and traditional control schemes to choose from

Deep & beautiful mobile action-adventure

  • Explore four whimsical worlds including a tropical island, a water world and a village in the sky
  • Meet and befriend a cast of characters
  • Face and foil the five unique enemies of each world
  • Discover a host of secret islands with mini-games and quests to earn special rewards

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