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Rodea the Sky Soldier to release April 2, boxart and screens

Prope’s Yuji Naka and Kadokawa Games’¬†Hitoshi Hasegawa released a video update on Rodea The Sky Soldier, in which they talked about the game’s ongoing development and announced some pretty important milestones.

As the video unfolds, Naka and Hasegawa climb the Tokyo Tower, overlooking Tokyo to get that “blue sky” effect. They say that mentality is in place in Rodea, which is pretty exciting for us old-school SEGA Nerds!

First, the game will be released in Japan on April 2, 2015; the Wii U version, which includes the Wii version, will cost 7,200 yen, and the 3DS version will cost 5,800 yen.

The video also showcased a snow level, where a strong snowstorm prevents Rodea from flying so he has to run on the ground. Because the ground is pretty much all ice, Rodea slides around on the slippery ice and has to battle giant, robot crabs.

What’s more, in early January, the Rodea the Sky Experience Tour 2015 will begin, where 30 people will be selected via a lottery to play an early build of the game.

[Via Inside Games]

Chris Powell

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