Chain Chronicle update adds new characters, chapters

A new Chain Chronicle update is on its way that will add three new chapters and several new characters to recruit to help you take down the Black Army.

In chapters 4-6, you’ll be able to travel to the Lake of Sand, a large capital city set in a desert oasis and ruled by Queen Ashrina. Lake of Sands is known for their entertainers who bring the city to life among the dry bleak lands, according to the update.

In the Lake of Sand, you’ll be able to recruit Desert Falcon Jafarr, a swordsman, who can freely control falcons;┬áDesert Idol Sasha, a popular dancer in an entertainment troupe; and Waver of Time Farline, a female bard, who has previously played for royalty.

Another area you’ll travel to is Spirit Island, which is filled with lush forests and home to the Forest Sprites. There are multiple Forest Sprite tribes, including Thousand Rivers, Golden Fruit and Great Tree.

Within Spirit Island, you’ll be able to recruit Silver Wolf Guide Barienna, a forest sprite who has inherited the power of the Silver Wolf, the forest god; Thousand Rivers Hero Hajad, a Thousand Rivers tribe warrior; and Thousand Rivers Shortstop Bliza, another Thousand Rivers Forest.

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