Sonic Christmas sweater delayed, no longer knitted

The original knitted sweater pictured here.
The original knitted sweater pictured here.

Remember that sweet Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas sweater Yellow Bulldog put up for pre-order a few weeks back? Yeah, I do too because I pre-ordered one myself.

Well, they just sent an email notification to its customers who pre-ordered the sweater alerting them that there has been a significant change.

“We need to make you aware that the manufacturer ‘Numskull’ had initially intended to make this a knitted jumper (as advertised on our web store from 8/10/14 – 15/10/14), however as the pre-production samples did not meet their high standards, they have reverted to a high quality sublimation print – on a Cotton/Polyester garment,” the email read.

The new, sublimated printed sweat shirt/jumper pictured.
The new, sublimated printed sweat shirt/jumper pictured.

“The manufacture cost of this new Xmas Jumper is significantly higher as it is made on better quality material, with a sublimation print – however no additional charge will be passed on to any of our customers,” it continued.

The ship date for the sweater has also changed from Nov. 7 to Nov. 17, presumably due to the manufacturing change. What’s more, Yellow Bulldog issued a 10 percent coupon to affected customers to use throughout December.

As a customer, I can’t help but feel a little bummed out as I was really excited for the real knitted sweater, but I appreciate Numskull and Yellow Bulldog attempting to fix the issue and at no cost to me or anyone else who pre-ordered one of these.

I’m not sure if I’ll end up keeping my pre-order for the sweater. If you purchased one too, what are you planning to do?

Chris Powell

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