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[TGS2014] Fighting Climax report! Valkyria Chronicles characters added to the game!

SEGA of Japan revealed more details regarding their crossover fighting hit with Dengeki Bunko, Fighting Climax, during their TGS 2014 2nd day stream. The game (an Arcade port) console version will be released on November 13th this year for PS3 and PS Vita with a price of ¥ 6,155 ($56.46). There are no plans for localization yet, but since this is the SEGA game people are most hyped about this year, a lot of imports through Ami Ami are expected to happen, possible thanks to non-region lock on Sony consoles.

Fighitng climax tgs

Selvaria and Alice from SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles were announced as playable characters for the Fighting Climax console version. Selvaria will be a main character while Alice will become assist character. The stream teased more SEGA characters might come for the game!

Enjoy a video with the new characters in action:

Covers for both PS3 and Vita version have been revealed:

Fighting Climax covers

The game is expected to be a big hit, a lot of merchandise will be released. Cospa announced a line of T-Shirts regarding this title, you can get them through Ami Ami to your continent.



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