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TGS 2014: SEGA’s Game Lineup, Merch & Booth information

SEGA of Japan announced their lineup for this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which is happening next week (Sept 18th – 21st). The list consists on 12 SEGA inhouse games, 1 Altus game, and 6 they’ll be distributing from other companies. We also learned the complete titles for the Sonic Boom releases at Japan.

SEGA TGS  Lineup
Yakuza Zero Yakuza Zero: The Place of Oath   PS3 / PS4
 Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax  PS3 / PS Vita
Puyo Puyo Tetris Puyo Puyo Tetris  PS4 / XBox One
Hero Bank 2 Hero Bank 2 3DS
PSO2 PSO2 ep 3 PC / PS Vita
pso2es_logo PSO2 es iOS / Android
Miku Remix Hatsune Miku: Project MIRAI Remix (working title) 3DS
SonicToon_WiiU_logo Sonic Toon: Ancient Treasure Wii U
SonicToon_3DS_logo Sonic Toon: Adventure Island 3DS
SR_logo Shining Resonance PS3
WEE_logo The World End Eclipse PC / iOS / Android / PS Vita
NOVA_logo PSO Nova PS Vita
shinsekai2_logo Knight of 2 Fafnir Labyrinth of New World Tree [ATLUS] 3DS
Experience Gentiles of the city of sword PS Vita
Codemasters F1 2014 PS3
Dras HIDEBOH tap dance HERO PS Vita
MAGES. Cadenza Fermata Akoruto: fortissimo PS Vita
Warner Entertainment Japan LEGO movie The Game PS4 / 3 / Wii U / 3DS

Free swag on their TGS2014 booth includes Yakuza Zero, Puyo Puyo, Sonic Boom,Hero Bank 2, and Fighting Climax freebies!

As you can see SEGA’s TGS lineup is huge compared to what we get over here and lot of new titles. Here’s the map showing their booth, click on it to see a bigger file.


SEGA of Japan has their official website for the event now, which you can visit here, they will be updating an image gallery and video streams live on Nico Nico. They also released a lineup for the merchandising they’ll be selling on their booth, which is epic!


Man… I wish we could get pretty SEGA things like those over here…


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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