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SEGA responds to 9.9.14’s Apple’s special event

Author Note: Hey guys. B here. As Sega Nerds Dreamcast correspondent I have a strong affinity towards 9.9.99 and when I found out Apple was holding a special event on such a historical date, I had to do something; so I desperately reached out to Sega Nerds mystical interview correspondent The Requiem and asked him if he could connect us with someone significant from Sega and to my delight he scheduled me with an exclusive interview with with former Sega of America president Simon Jeffery. The following post is posted verbatim _ B3

Simon Jeffery
Who wants to play some licence games?

Dogs of the AMS Sega Nerds this is Goldman Simon Jeffery,

As you know I am no longer associated with the SEGA brand. Since my departure from the company in 2009 I have been engaged with Ngmoco’s publishing because we all know the future of video games is through social network based games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars, nonetheless I digress with my brutal honesty. I would like to thank The Requiem for reaching out to me.

I was only with Sega for a brief time but unquestionably I have had the greatest impact on the companies legacy, after all no other president has shown the level of respect to SEGA’s heritage then me. Without me Sega would still have the horrible brand that was Sega Sports. I successfully brokered the Visual Concepts deal with Take Two, and purchased Secret Level which was instrumental in our plans to purchase movie licencees and resurrect classic Ips like Alien Syndrome and Golden Axe: Beast Rider. I also had the utmost respect for quality which is why I choose not to localize Altered Beast and SeaMan 2 as the quality of games decides how great of a legacy we will have. You may also remember that I brought excellent Marvel games such as Hulk, Iron Man, Thor.

Am I forgetting something…?

Sega owe’s a debt of gratitude to me for signing GearBox Software to develop Aliens: Colonial Marines!

Oh yes, without me there would have been no Aliens franchise and you know what that means right? No, Aliens: Colonial Marines on our portfolio! So clearly I have shown proven that my work at SEGA continues to impact their legacy.

“after all no other president has shown the level of respect to SEGA’s heritage then me”

As for hosting an event on 9.9.14; I view it as a great compliment that such a prestigous company has decided to honor the memory of Dreamcast by unveiling the iPhone 6 along with other top secret cutting edge pieces of hardware on such a sacred date. I strongly believe that the future of the video game industry is with Apple. More so, I believe the Dreamcast would have still been around today if Sega partnered with Apple instead of Microsoft. If only Dreamcast was backward compatible with iOS instead of Windows CE.

After all, Apple continues to innovate, evolve and push the boundaries of mobile communication! It isn’t like they release the same hardware with slightly modified exterior like my former competitors at Sony and Nintendo. No, Sir. Apple innovates. Did anybody see iPhone 5c not only was it “un-apologetically plastic” it was the first phone to have biometric technology – that is the ability to read the unique signature from the human thumb. I could have never imagined that would ever be possible on a phone. Further more, just like the Dreamcast was the first video game console to have a built in modem coupled with a free ISP to connect with the internet via SegaNet. Apple manufactured the first phone with built in wifi to connect to the internet.

Each successive entry in the iPhone is as innovative as Sega’s leap from Saturn to Dreamcast!

In conclusion, I feel that SEGA would greatly benefit with forging a stronger relationship with Apple and I would urge my former Japanese employers to rethink their plans for Shenmue 3 as it would make a perfect launch title as it is released exclusively to iPhone 6 with Secret Level tasked to develop the game.


Born an entrepreneur, studied to be a psychologist, and now an aspiring journalist. In addition to team Nerds, I am the Editor in Chief for Age-Media and Dreamcast-Scene

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