What Shenmue looks like in HD

As we are all aware SEGA is not really interested in doing anything Shenmue related, it takes the fans years to get Ryo in an All Star game. On the other hand the creator of the franchise Yu Suzuki is busy travelling the world and collecting awards for his past accomplishments rather than designing video games.

So a Korean YouTube artist NoconKid has decided to take some initiative and given us a glimpse of what Shenmue can look like with a proper HD remaster. I am not a graphic artist so my knowledge on animation is limited at best but based on the remastered You Game Arcade. I would assume he has animated over the original video game animations rather than recreate them from scratch similar to how BlobVanDam demonstrated Sonic & Knuckles in 3D.

I have requested a comment from our resident artist and animator Kopke to analyze the video and share with us how the artist went about creating these videos. We will add a quote from him here soon.

In the mean time go ahead and check out NoconKid’s YouTube channel for a re-masted video of You Game Arcade although it doesn’t quite look as diverse as the one featured in the actual game as the artist has omitted the diverse amusement machines featured in the game in favor of more Arcade units. It is quite odd.

[Via Kotaku]


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