SEGA Hard Girls Anime Gets release date! Novel vol. 2 gets released!

SEGA of Japan announced today the SEGA Hard Girls Anime has a title and a release date. “High sCool SEGA Hard Girls” will be the anime title and it will be released on October this year!

The story will be somewhat related to the recent Light Novels published by Dengeki Bunko, in which the SEGA Hard Girl Goddess Sisters will be attending the Segagaga High School, since they are living in the human world at human like Sonic’s house. Looks like former Japanese SEGA Mark III (Master System) mascot: Professor Asobin could be their teacher!

The synopsis is the following:

“Enrolled in the Tokyo Haneda Torii “Segagaga High School”, three SEGA Hard Girls: Dreamcast, Saturn, and Mega Drive struggle a challenge for graduation credits from a dubious Professor that appeared there, to solve their problems they will need to enter the SEGA gaming world! Can the SEGA Hard Girls graduate safely?”

Sega Hard Girls anime

The series will be co-produced by SEGA of Japan and  TMS Animation Studios (80’s Thundercats, Batman Animated Series). TMS has also produced Sonic X and is currently producing Go Go! 575 and Hero Bank animes for SEGA.  Character design is by Hatsune Miku‘s illustrator, Kei.  The series will be animated using Hatsune Miku’s MMD (Miku Miku Dance) Technology.


Title Hi ☆ sCoool! SEGA Hard Girls
Air Date October 2014
Voice Cast Dreamcast: M · A · O

Sega Saturn: Takahashi Minami

Mega Drive: Shiori Izawa other

Staff Original supervision: SEGA (“SEGA hard Girls”)

Director: Sugawara Sota

Screenplay: Kibe Masayuki Sugawara Sota

Original Character Illustration: KEI

CG Character Design: Kio, Sugawara Sota

CG Director: Masayuki Watanabe (Jinizu)

MMD Director: Ponpoko P (6-dimensional animation)

Animation Production: TMS Entertainment, Jinizu

production: Sehagaga School Board

Copyright Comitee © SEGA / Sehagaga School Board



Good news, Denegeki Bunko published the SEGA Hard Girls 2nd Volume. It can be purchased via Amazon Japan on the following link. If you missed the 1st volume you can purchase it here. We have just read the 1st chapter, and looks like Mega Drive and 32x have just joined the Segagaga High School classroom!

Here are some illustration scans pages, enjoy:

SEGA Hard Girls Light Novel vol 2 SEGA Hard Girls Light Novel vol 2 SEGA Hard Girls Light Novel vol 2 SEGA Hard Girls Light Novel vol 2 SEGA Hard Girls Light Novel vol 2


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