Watch the first episode of SEGA Central here

SEGA of Europe has released the pilot episode of its new YouTube series “SEGA Central,” and we get to meet our two hosts for the show: Jim Dyer and Katy Clements. I can’t get over how much Jim looks like the nice version of Back to the Future’s Biff Tannen.

The episode itself focuses on EGX Rezzed, where Jim talks to M.J. “the first guy to play Alien: Isolation … in the world!” And then Jim talks to the second, third and fourth people to play Alien: Isolation IN THE WORLD! They say how scary the game is and how it nearly made them wee themselves, and finished with a short interview from the game’s creative lead Al Hope.

The show switches gears to Total War: Rome II, where some of the developers were on hand to show how the touch controls work on a tablet device. “Look, you can draw paths with your finger!” Afterward, the team from Relic was featured where they showcased their new Company of Heroes 2 expansion The Western Front Armies.

From there, the SEGA Central team takes you to the SEGA sponsored Leftfield Arcade, where indie developers showcased their upcoming games. It was nice to see SEGA doing something for the “little guys,” as booth space for events like EGX Rezzed can be too expensive for indie developers.

Finally, Jim quits hogging the airtime and hands the show over to Katy, who presents the SEGA Central Factoids, where she gives three tidbits of information on Football Manager Classic 2014.

All in all, it was an OK show, but really, SEGA’s showing at EGX Rezzed wasn’t all that exciting. I could do with some more behind-the-scenes interviews from its European developers in the future and less stuff that we’ve seen already. The next episode will be on E3, so let’s hope SEGA has a more exciting showing than at EGX Rezzed. You can expect a new episode every six weeks, according to the SEGA Central team.

So after watching the pilot episode, what do you think so far? Is it a good step in the right direction of SEGA communicating better with its audience?

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief at SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. Oh yeah, he's also been a diehard SEGA Nerd his entire life.

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