Stream Sturmwind OST For Free

Duranik shared this onĀ 24th April on their Facebook page to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Sturmwind.

The tunes are pretty catchy and some of them actually didn’t make it into the game, so that makes it extra special.

Sturmwind Kondensat by 505
(for some reason the player isn’t working, hit the link)

Check it out:

If you like what you here you can buy Sturmwind from Play-Asia for only 44.95$.

Even the rare collectors Windstarke 12 Edition (with OST and Boss guide) is available for 129.99$ (better buy it fast, price will escalate as the game goes rarer).

Edit: Even though Play-Asia restocked Sturmwind 2 weeks back the regular edition appears to have sold out, nonetheless restock is expected by Jun 15th.


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