SEGA opens theme park in Dubai Mall

SEGA has announced it has opened a SEGA Republic theme park in the Dubai Mall that features more than 150 attractions.

A few of the rides are Spin Gear, Sonic Hopper, Halfpipe Canyon, Storm-G and Initial D4 Limited that are spread across five themed zones consisting of Speed, Adventure, Sports, Cyperpop and Redemption.

“Combining the latest in leisure technologies with high entertainment value, Sega Republic represents a milestone in indoor theme park development,” SEGA’s press release read. “While the Speed Zone offers thrills for the adrenaline seeker on attractions such as the 9-metre drop ride Sonic Hopper, the Adventure Zone has the keenly awaited SPIN Gear, a spinning coaster replete with sound and visual effects, themed on the story of an evil attempt to capture Sonic the Hedgehog by his arch nemesis Dr. Eggman.”

So if you visit Dubai anytime soon, send us some pics of you riding these great rides!

[Via SEGA Blog]

Chris Powell

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