No Summer of Sonic this year, Sonic Boom heads to NYC

It appears the annual Summer of Sonic event that has become quite popular, so much so it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records, will not be held this year.

In a post on the SEGA Blog, the Summer of Sonic organizers said, “Due to the nature of how the annual event is organised, each Summer of Sonic event hinges on the availability of key team players, as they help build the show in their spare time – alongside SEGA personnel who also must work around their daily duties.

“With this in mind, it is after a lot of consideration that we have decided to put Summer of Sonic on hiatus for 2014,” the post continued. “During this hiatus, we will take stock of the things we have accomplished with SEGA and then decide when we will be able to return for another round of Sonic excitement.”

sonic-boom-the-eventIn other Sonic-event related news, the U.S. based Sonic Boom (The Event) will move from St. Louis to New York City and will be held Oct. 4 in the Grand Ballroom in the Manhattan Center.

It’s a huge bummer our pals at Summer of Sonic won’t be holding their event this year, but as the Sonic Boom (The Event) is on the East Coast, it will make it a bit easier for our English Sonic fans to make the trip across the pond.

If you want to hear more from the Summer of Sonic crew, check out this episode of the SEGA Nerdcast when many of the key members were on the show.

[Via SEGA Blog]

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