Sonic Jump Fever – Free-to-Play iOS Game Releases

In a bit of an under-the-radar move, Sega has begun a soft-rollout of the new Sonic Jump game on iOS devices. The game, called Sonic Jump Fever, is currently available on iTunes in Canada. While a release date for additional territories has yet to be announced, it would be reasonable to assume a worldwide release to be coming in short order.

Sonic Jump Fever is the sequel to Sonic Jump, a Hardlight Studios developed jumping platformer released on iOS and Android devices some 16 months ago. Sonic Jump, in turn, was based on a mobile game developed in 2005.

The sequel follows the same tried-and-true gameplay mechanics typical in the jumping platformer genre, and expands on the previous games’ clever design and Sonic branding. The new game adds a “Fever” mechanic, in which Sonic and his playable pals can launch into a super-speedy dash appropriate in the world of Sonic.

The game differs from Sonic Jump ($2.99) in that Sonic Jump Fever is a free-to-play game. Additional features include a larger cast of characters, leaderboard and weekly competitions both global and friend-based, and numerous power-ups.


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