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The sound of Alien: Isolation

Gamespot has posted an exclusive developer video from The Creative Assembly showcasing the sounds that the team will be using in Alien: Isolation.

What’s impressive is not only that the team has been using the original sound recordings from the movie franchise as inspiration, or that they have brought together their own orchestra, including people who worked on the original movie’s musical score, no it’s just how they are using the sounds and music in the game.

If you don’t know, Alien: Isolation features just one alien hunting you on the ship. The Creative Assembly has previously stated that the alien will feature very few ‘staged’ attacks and moments. Essentially what this means is that the alien AI is meant to be totally adaptive and will react to how the player behaves in the game.

Bearing this in mind, The Creative Assembly is using the game’s soundtrack in a similar way and the audio score will ‘adapt’ to moments you, the player, create in the game. The example given in the video is when the player is hiding from the alien; the musical score becomes more tense as you watch your predator stalk past.

Again, this is not a premeditated moment in the game, the music is adapting to your unique situation. Or at least that is what The Creative Assembly is promising us.

But as Al Hope, the game’s creative lead says: “…when you’re hiding in the dark, what you can hear might just be the key to your survival.”

Graham Cookson

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