Yu Suzuki’s next game is a browser-based Virtua Fighter

A few days ago, Yu Suzuki attended Game Lab Conference Tokyo 2014, and while there wasn’t any big Shenmue 3 news, he did announce another title that he’s currently working on.

Virtua Fighter Fever Combo is a browser-based, card battle game featuring characters from the Virtua Fighter series that will be available through The game isn’t available at this point, but you can pre-register now. As of now, the game has only been announced for Japan, and there’s no word if it will receive a Western release.

Gameplay details are scarce, but it appears players must fill a “fever” gauge that will have some impact during battle.

Suzuki was the director of the original Virtua Fighter title and has been attached in various roles in many of the games in the series ever since.

Chris Powell

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