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Since the last few years our friends at Germany have been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism. Redspotgames Sturmwind distribution fiasco continues to plague the community. More recently Hucast has been getting some criticism over the shipping of Redux: Dark Matters, off course the criticism they have received hasĀ deeper roots, but it is fair to say having the game delivered is the most important thing.

I was one of the people who had ordered Redux, when it was announced years ago so the wait had already been a long one for me. Like many people I had ordered the original Dux with Redux and since Redux kept getting pushed I could not receive either game. Finally the game was released in the end of January.

Thank you for your order, your order was shipped today.

Your tracking ID is RT478242544DE


ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Germany: 2-3 days
Europe: 7-12 days
USA/Japan: 12-17 days

Hucast head honcho Rene Hellwig personally e-mailed me a tracking number the day he shipped the game – even though I never paid the extra money for it. Unfortunately, eighteen days went by and I did not receive my order. I contacted Rene and he promptly replied that it can take up to 3 – 4 weeks. I had waited over a year, so I was fine with waiting another week.

All of February went by and I never received my package, others in the scene such as Adam Korialik also had to wait an extended duration but his package arrived before the month ended. So in March I contacted Rene and asked him to advise, he was more agitated than I was and asked for my address again, instantaneously mailing me another copy. In our correspondence I also requested Rene to change my order from Dux + Redux LE to Dux + Dux 1.5 + Redux SE. I made this request just in case the original package arrive, I could give away the extra copy of Dux and Redux LE away in a contest.

Hucast Package 1
Mailed out on 27th January 2014

As faith would have it approximately a week after Rene mailed my order for the second time. My original package arrived on March 8th. It took the game just 34 days to make it’s journey from Germany to America. 12 days later my second package arrived on Thursday, March 20th.

Hucast Package 2
Shipped on March 3rd. Took precisely 17 days to arrive.

This is something that probably has happened to a lot of us, you order a book from Amazon it doesn’t arrive on time. You complaint they send it again and you end up with 2 books. It is a rare moment when we win against a corporation – it is a moment of pride that we got more out of a giant corporation.

The feeling isn’t quite the same with Hucast as I did not win against a corporation. My game was essentially developed and hand delivered by the same person, and now he had to bare the expense of not only giving me double of what I asked for but also mailing it twice and for that I would sincerely like to thank you and share this post as a testimonial for excellent after sales support.


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