Yuji Naka’s new game lets you look at naked men

Eanbai01Yuji Naka has released a new game, and it just might be the masterpiece he’s been looking to create ever since he left SEGA to create Prope.

The game is called E-ANBAI, which translates to Just Right, and released today for free on iOS and Android devices. In the game, you run a Japanese bathhouse and must adjust the water, swiping on and off the hot and cold water faucets, to a comfortable temperature for your guests.

According to Prope’s press release, the customers you “satisfy” are added to your “Nude Men Collection,” which can be viewed in your Nude Gallery.

“The customers you’ve satisfied will be showcased in your… g-gulp… “Nude Gallery”, full of one-of-a-kind men,” the press release read. “The physical beauty of these dynamic males is on display, with the data on their total number of visits, rate of refreshing, and more, all recorded for posterity. Very popular with game completists!”

What’s more, you can buy new equipment to make your bathhouse more luxurious, where you can presumably raise the prices on your customers.

So what are you waiting for, there’s naked men to bathe out there! You can get Just Right on iOS here and Android here.


Chris Powell

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