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Japanese SASRT Preorder will include the Soundtrack!

The lucky Japanese people who preorder Wii U or PS3 J-SASTR will receive the long awaited OST as a bonus! The CD included will be a limited edition one, once presale orders are done the item will be gone! Japanese version will have more stuff, like different items, Puyos instead of blowfish, and soundtrack for preorders… looks like people will be importing this version too! … Those lucky guys…

The game will be released on May 15th this year. You can visit the official Japanese site here.


The OST Tracklist will be the following:

  1. Opening (Sonic & All-Stars Racing TRANSFORMED)
  2. Flight (Panzer Dragoon)
  3. After Burner (Afterburner II)
  4. Jungle Stage (Super Monkey Ball)
  5. Theme of gentle mountain of 5. Wind (Super Monkey Ball DS)
  6. Starlight Carnival – Act 2 (Sonic Colors)
  7. Idaten (The Super Shinobi II aka Shinobi III for US)
  8. Japonesque (The Super Shinobi II aka Shinobi III for US)
  9. Title (Sonic & Knuckles)
  10. Sky Sanctuary – Act 2 [Normal] (Sonic Generations)
  11. That ‘s Enough (Jet Set Radio)
  12. Wilderness (Golden Axe)
  13. The Reporter from SCH5 (Space Channel 5)
  14. Paternal Horn (NiGHTS into dreams …)
  15. We are Burning Rangers (Burning Rangers)
  16. Splash Wave (Outrun 2)
  17. Main Theme (Space Harrier)
  18. Ocean Palace Medley Title from Sonic CD ~ Sonic – You Can Do Anything ~ Super Sonic Racing [Bonus Track] (Sonic & All-Stars Racing TRANSFORMED)
[via Game Watch Impress]


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