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Sonic fans attempt to fix Sonic Boom trailer

Whether you’re excited or worried about the upcoming Sonic Boom game by developer BigRedButton, one thing is for sure, the Sonic community has been at odds ever since after the teaser trailer reveal. Many believe the game would need to make a lot of changes, and, of course, the community was polarized as to what needs fixing and what is tolerable.

Some have a problem with Knuckles size, while others have a problem with Sonic’s scarf. I personally would like the bandages OVER Sonic’s shoes removed. So yes, we all have different opinions, but if there is one thing we all can agree is that the dubstep needs to go.

So, I present to you the new and improved Sonic Boom trailer. I personally would have gone with a track from the MegaDrive or Dreamcast games, but I suppose Sonic CD is fine, as well.


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