MegaDriver’s epic perfomance at MAGfest

Brazilian band Mega Driver had an epic performance yesterday at MAGfest. Their setlist included awesome SEGA tunes from the start from titles like Shinobi, Altered Beast, Sonic, and even Streets of Rage at the end of the concert. There were some Street Fighter and Castlevania tracks too.

It was MegaDriver’s first appearance in the U.S., so there was a lot of expectation from the fans. As expected, the band surpassed those expectations and the crowd was really happy as they played three more songs for an encore.

Twitch TV’s video has some footage from the previous band: This Place is Haunted, Mega Driver’s performance starts at min 50, so expect an hour of pure epicness before that!

You can also see more concerts from the festival at MAGfest’s Twitch archive. Don’t forget to follow MAGfest onĀ Twitter to what good gaming news they are up to.


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