New JSR songs on Go Dance! and Spiral Knights Giveaway

Jet set radio on Go Dance!Hideki Naganuma, the marvelous musician and producer from the Jet Set Radio Soundtracks, posted 2 days ago on his twitter account that 3 JSR songs are available on the Go Dance! game for both american and japanese releases.

The featured songs in fact are: “LET MOM SLEEP”, “THE CONCEPT OF LOVE”, “FLY LIKE A BUTTERFLY”, and “FUNKY DEALER”.  So, if you own iOS devices go, dance, and get them on the iOS store!

via [Hideki Naganuma’s Twitter]

spiral knightsFor those people playing Spiral Knights on Steam PC and web browsers, the game will have a special giveaway with nice items on January 3rd, the only thing you have to do is log in that day to be able to participate in a raffle to get them. That’s it, no catch, just logging in! The item list is the following:
Party Hats, Confetti, Fireworks (new!), Buckets of Snowballs, Party Blowouts, Eyes useables (Exed, Plus, Starry, Vacant, Spiral, Closed), Personal Colors, Name Change Passes, Shadow Keys (bound), Sparks of Life (bound). Be sure to log and have some goodies!

via [Spiral Knights forums]


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