Create your own SEGA Music with Super PSG and F-MDrive

On these recent years there’s been a lot of apreciation for chiptune music, is not that people have forgotten of the classic sound of their favorite melodies from their games, but more of new bands incorporating this type of sound to their compositions or even some remixes.


So what about adding that SEGA-type sound that only the SN76489 PSG and the rocky YM2612 FM chips were able to? Well, Aly James Labs released recently, on December, the Super PSG to accurately emulate the Master System sound and months before: F-Megadrive, which does the same but for Mega Drive sound. The sound these tools produce is so accurate that even Streets of Rage’s legendary composer: Yuzo Koshiro is using them to create a few remixes based on sega tunes from games. You can check Yuzo’s take on a Shinobi Remix right here, and one on Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage) over here. You can also check more examples in the Aly Labs Soundcloud.

Here are 2 videos explaining both tools key features. Super PSG and F-MDrive can be purchased on the the Aly James Labs site.

[Via Yuzo Koshiro’s Twitter]


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