Sonic 2 remastered coming to iOS and Android tomorrow

After the success of the excellent mobile ports of Sonic CD and Sonic 1, we are very excited for tomorrow’s launch of the remastered Sonic 2 on iOS and Android.

Back on the project is our buddy Christian Whitehead (who we had on the Nerdcast a few months back) and Simon Thomley – aka ‘Taxman’ and ‘Stealth’. And after Christian’s Retro Engine was put to good use in Sonic CD and Sonic 1, we are looking forward to getting our hands on Sonic 2‘s classic action as it should be played.

If that’s not enough, another reason to get excited is that Sonic 2‘s Hidden Palace Zone (pictured) will be in the game!

If you don’t know, Hidden Palace Zone was a level that appeared in Sonic 2‘s original beta, but was scrapped from the final game. For the full information on this missing level, I recommend checking out SonicRetro’s excellent page.

Sonic 2 (remastered) will be releasing on Android tomorrow and will replace the current iOS version of the game as an update – much like Sonic 1 (remastered) did.

And, if you’ve played Christian and Simon’s version of Sonic 1 on iOS and Android already, you know that we can expect some other additions to the game.

My only problem is that I definitely can’t get rid of my old iPhone now… unless SEGA decided to be nice to us Windows Phone users and brings it over – like with Sonic CD ;0)

[Special Thanks: Blake, via Facebook]

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