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SFTW: Try and get this excellent Bridge Zone remix out of your head

The weekend is almost over, but I didn’t want to sit on this until next week – because we just love a SEGA-themed remix here at SEGA Nerds.

So in this week’s Something for the Weekend, check out this pretty awesome dance remix of Bridge Zone from the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog by Pascal Michael Stiefel.

One of the reasons I (personally) love this remix is because we seem to very rarely (if ever) have fan-remixes of the Game Gear/Master System Sonic games. So it’s fresh to find one that brings back so many memories for me – rocking to Sonic on my Game Gear in full, lush colours, while my friends played Mario Land in that weird green/grey and black (Ok… I don’t want to hate on Mario Land – I love that game. But we are SEGA Nerds, so obviously Sonic wins!).

Now, some people who grew up in the 80s and early 90s might think this remix sounds familiar – other than being from a Sonic game – and Pascal notes in the video description:

Also this is NOT a remix of “Together Again” by Janet Jackson even though they sound really similar. According to wikipedia Janet Jackson took inspiration from the chords and melody of the bridge zone theme for her chorus.

I gotta say, they really do sound quite similar and if what Wikipedia says about Janet Jackson taking inspiration from the game’s music, then that’s pretty awesome. It also means that two of the Jackson family have a connection to Sonic games, with Michael Jackson said to have worked on (though uncredited) Sonic 3’s soundtrack.

Anyway, if you like gaming remixes, I would definitely suggest checking out more of Pascal’s remixes, he’s done a few more Sonic-related ones, plus tons of other gaming franchises.

[Special Thanks: Dennis Stachel, via Facebook]

Graham Cookson

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