Reztron to host Mega Drive 25th anniversary party


It’s times like today when living in the boring old United States of America really sucks. I mean, sure, we have it pretty easy compared to many parts of the world. However, first-world problems force me to complain about the fact I won’t be able to attend Reztron’s super-awesome SEGA Mega Drive 25th anniversary party at the Hoxton Pony bar in London Oct. 29. Tickets can be purchased at Reztron’s official site for £2.50, or you can dress in cosplay to get in for free.

According to Event, party goers will be able to play classic Mega Drive games like Sonic, Micro Machines 2, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II. Let’s hope Reztron remembers to bring a few six-button controllers for the fighting games, har har har! There will also be competitions, an ’80s-themed karaoke contest and lots of other really awesome shit.

Seriously, if you can go there, do it for me. Because I can’t.

Damn it, Obama!

[Via Event]

Chris Powell

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