SEGA’s timeline of acquisitions and sales

SEGA made history yesterday when it spent more than $140 million to acquire Index Holdings, the parent company of popular Japanese developer Atlus.

However, this certainly wasn’t the first time SEGA has made a big splash by purchasing a company. Throughout its history, SEGA has made many notable and surprising acquisitions and even shockingly sold off some of its most beloved development studios. This timeline represents these acquisitions and sales throughout the company’s history.

Event Date Event Title Event Description
Ozisoft_logo_(modified)_small_square SEGA relinquishes SEGA Ozisoft In 1990, Ozisoft was the largest international software distrubutor in Australia and released many SEGA consoles in the country, including the SEGA Genesis. On April 15, 2002, months after SEGA relinquished controlling interest in Ozisoft, the company was aquired by Infogrames and renamed Infogrames Australia. It is now owned by Namco Bandai.
Sega_sammy_small_square Sammy purchases 22.4% of SEGA for $419 million News linkSammy Corp. spends $419 million from CSK Corp. to become SEGA’s largest shareholder. Under Japanese law, a majority stockholder needs at least a 33 percent stake to have decision-making power.
Visual_concepts_small_square SEGA sells Visual Concepts News linkSEGA sells Visual Concepts and Kush Games to Take-Two Interactive for $24 million. Visual Concepts was most notable for developing SEGA’s 2K sports line-up.
Creativeassembly_small_square SEGA purchases Creative Assembly News linkSEGA purchases Creative Assembly for $30 million. Notable titles include Total War.”As our first developer acquisition in the West since we became a publisher it clearly demonstrates that we have set our sights on working with the very best talent in the industry,” said SEGA Europe and SEGA of America CEO Naoya Tsurumi.
Secretlevellogo_2005_small_square SEGA acquires Secret Level News linkSEGA purchases Secret Level for $15 million. Notable titles include Star Wars Jedi Starfighter.“On the heels of our first, successful studio acquisition with The Creative Assembly, the addition of this development powerhouse further moves SEGA toward its goal of becoming a leading next-generation publisher,” said Naoya Tsurumi, SEGA of America and Sega Europe CEO.
Sports_interactive_small_square SEGA acquires Sports Interactive News linkSEGA purchases Football Manager Sports Interactive to add to its growing acquisitions of Western developers.The SEGA Europe and SEGA America CEO Naoya Tsurumi said the addition of Football Manager and Sports Interactive “illustrates that we are achieving our objectives and have our strategic planning up and running.”
Ooo-square_small_square SEGA purchases Three Rings News linkSEGA purchases Three Rings, notable titles include Spiral Knights, Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.”Today brings to a close a ten year journey as an independent developer, and opens a new chapter for the studio as a part of the SEGA family,” said Daniel James, Three Rings CEO.
Relic_entertainment_logo_small_square SEGA purchases Relic Entertainment News linkSEGA purchases Relic Entertainment for $26.6 million in THQ auction. Notable titles include Company of Heroes.“We are thrilled to have Relic Entertainment join the SEGA family. The acquisition is a strategic fit and a critical step in growing our business,” John Cheng, President and CFO, SEGA of America said.
Atlus-logo-slider-620x350_small_square SEGA purchases Index Holdings News linkSEGA purchases Atlus parent company Index Holdings for $141 million. Notable titles include Persona.

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