Sonic Dash’s Global Challenge achieved – Shadow now playable

There should be a big ‘congratu-welldone’ to all SEGA Nerds out there who participated in Hardlight Studio’s rather ambitious Global Challenge.

The challenge added in a recent update was designed to combine the distances run by every single Sonic Dash player until we had run around the circumference of the Earth 100 times by August 5th.

Essentially globally we all ran 2,490,000 miles in Sonic Dash – and we still have three days left before the challenge officially ended – so welldone everyone!

Shadow is available to everyone who took part in the Global Challenge (basically you just needed to play the game during the challenge’s time period), but if you are a late-comer to the show, then Shadow is available from the in-game store.

[Special Thanks: @KatieDid1907]

Graham Cookson

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