COH2 sales help boost SEGA’s profits

It’s always a risk when a game company buys out another. Even if the company purchased is well respected and makes good games, there’s always a chance that something might go wrong during transition and the resulting buyout ends up being a total waste of cash.

But it looks like SEGA’s latest acquisition of Relic Entertainment from THQ has really paid off. With the purchase, SEGA held on to the rights to some of THQ/Relic’s franchises, including Company of Heroes.

Just released a couple of months ago, it appears that Company of Heroes 2 has done wonders for SEGA’s bank account, according to the company’s latest financial report the game shifted 380,000 in just five days.

The report indicates that SEGA Sammy has seen a 416% increase in profits during Q1, taking in ¥12.9 billion ($131.8m). With SEGA’s consumer side, recording profits of ¥18.8 billion ($192.2m), an increase of 26% year-over-year.

It seems that digital sales have been the biggest contributor to the rise in profits, with a 60.8% increase, while boxed retail sales saw a 13.4% increase. But with SEGA’s focus on mobile and digitial platforms, I don’t think that should necessarily be such a surprise.

Another of SEGA’s biggest sellers, according to the report, was PSO2 – shifting more than 500,000 in the period. Seeing as the game is still only available in Japan, that’s quite an achievement.

[Via SEGA Addicts]

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