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SEGA fans need your help to make Shenmue 2 documentary

Andrew Pine and Simon Todd need your help. They’re looking to create a sequel to In Ryo’s Footsteps, a documentary that takes Pine from his home in Australia to¬†follow many of the locations Ryo took on his journey in 1986 during¬†Shenmue 2. It’s a remarkably interesting concept, and I’m really interested in seeing what the two can do with the next film.

Why the need for a sequel you ask? Well, Pine shot all the video in the original by himself, and now that Todd has joined the team for In Ryo’s Footsteps 2, he will handle all the camera work and editing. Pine hopes that adding Todd will enable him to make a more polished sequel that is longer and more professional.

The duo have set up an Indiegogo campaign to help raise $2,000 to fund the project. According to the campaign’s page, all pledges will go toward “accommodation in Japan, food and travel expenses. We will be living on a shoe string when we are over and we don’t want to ask for more than we would need. What we have asked for is enough for us to survive on while also funding it partially ourselves.”

A $25 donation will get you a handwritten letter of thanks and a signed In Ryo’s Footsteps 2 documentary with special features that won’t be available anywhere else.

Pine believes his documentary is important because “it is important to keep the fiction alive any way that is possible to show that love still exists for the game and its story,” he wrote. “The best way to do this is by creating films, fan art and writing letters. With this documentary done it may be one step further that we as fans get to seeing our beloved Shenmue end properly.”

Pine will be a guest on next week’s SEGA Nerdcast, where he’ll tell us more about In Ryo’s Footsteps 2, why SEGA Nerds should care about helping to make it a reality and much, much more. In the meantime, you can watch the original documentary here.

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