SEGA customer support responds to Yakuza 5 question with haiku

It seems that most of the time you send an email to any large business, all you’ll get is some standard, automated reply. How boring!

But apparently, SEGA is different as one fan of the Yakuza series discovered when he emailed asking for Yakuza 5 to be released in the U.S. While the response probably wasn’t what he was hoping for, it was pretty awesome nonetheless.

“I sent an email to sega asking for any news for Y5 and while I didn’t get any they sent me an amusing haiku, here’s their response:

Eugene, May 20 08:53 (PDT):

Hello Loyal Fan,

I cannot comment.
Stay tuned to the Sega site.
Good information.

An original haiku by the Sega staff

Sega of America
Customer Support”

We gotta say, that’s pretty damn cool. Oh yeah, we also hope that SEGA will finally announce that Yakuza 5 will come to the West at E3!

[Via Yakuza Fan]

Chris Powell

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