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Volgarr developer reimagines Streets of Rage’s Axel

Yeah, sure, it doesn’t look like SEGA is any rush to release a Streets of Rage sequel anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean people have lost interest in the series. Kris Durrschmidt, from Crazy Viking Studios, just posted a great update on Facebook to Axel Stone, which happens to be my fighter of choice in the series.

Keeping with the original Streets of Rage’s pixel art style, the new Axel boasts some noticeable difference, like some incredibly mainly facial hair, new gloves and some sick new kicks.

I have to say, I like this direction better than the mockups created by Backbone Entertainment and would love to see Kris continue to update the rest of the characters in the series. How’s about a sexy new Blaze Fielding reimagining maybe?

Kris is one half of Crazy Viking Studios, and the company is currently working on an arcade-style 2D beat ’em up called Volgarr the Viking.

Chris Powell

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