SEGA trademark’s ‘Sonic Lost World’

Yesterday SEGA Japan filed a trademark for (what appears to be) a new Sonic game, Sonic Lost World, with the London-based patent office, Jenkins & Co.

So far that’s pretty much all we know about the game itself. There are no indications for any particular platform, or if it is going to be a ‘major’ Sonic title for main consoles, one of the Nintendo-exclusive ‘story’ games (ala Sonic & The Secret Rings and Black Knight) or if it is a new title for mobile devices.

But we now know, via TSSZ, that SEGA Europe has also registered for the domain names: and (noted in one of the images above). So far those two domains (if you type them in) go to a completely blank page, but that does show something – as if they weren’t registered my browser flags it up as an incorrect URL typed in.

So all that’s left for now is to get excited for a new Sonic title, or (if you’re this way inclined) prepare yourself to rant about how Sonic games just aren’t as good as the originals. Until we hear anything further, we’ll be doing the former (getting excited).

[Source: RadioSEGA and TSSZ] [Images: TSSZ]

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