SFTW: Total War: Rome II – Battle of Teutoburg Forest

In this week’s Something for the Weekend, we have a treat from the guys and girls at The Creative Assembly – 10 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Total War: Rome II.

The video is based on the real-life Battle of Teutoburg, where Roman forces were ambushed by German tribes. The narrated video explains some of the new features the game brings to the franchise and part of the game’s underlying story.

Personally, I absolutely suck at the Total War games, but I just love watching them. The Creative Assembly does a fantastic job of bringing battles to life and the amount of detail that goes into the games (bearing in mind they are RTS titles) is astounding. And now that I have a PC that might be able to run a modern Total War game, I think I will definitely be picking this up on launch day.


Graham Cookson

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