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It’s still out there… SEGA Pluto auction reserve not met

For those of you who had been following the excitement surrounding the SEGA Pluto saga, well be prepared to be a little surprised and possibly excited.

Kidvid666, who managed one of the greatest gaming finds ever, after picking up one of only two SEGA Pluto’s in existence at a flea market for $1, has not managed to sell the uber rare console.

The Pluto was put up onto gaming auction site, GameGavel, and after just a couple of days, the auction bid hit a massive $7,600. Well the auction ended yesterday, staying at the $7,600 mark – most people thought it was over and the Pluto would be winging its way to a new home.

But, the surprise is, the Pluto did not meet the auction’s reserve price, despite being $7599 more than what kidvid666 paid for it.

When we interviewed kidvid666 last week on our podcast, he did mention that part of the reason he put it online was to see how much he could possibly get for the rare device – so perhaps he put a much higher reserve on it, just to see what the interest might be? I’d love to know what figure he had in his head.

So here’s the part where people could possibly get excited… it’s still out there. There’s a chance that kidvid666 might put it back up for auction at some point, giving everyone another shot at buying what could be the rarest prize for any SEGA Nerd’s collection.

Kidvid666 told us that he didn’t like the idea of having something that valuable sitting around his home and he’d actually locked it away in a safety deposit box. So, we can either wait and see what he does… or (and this is the idea I like most) we put together a team of say 11, 12 or 13 people, each with unique skills that will enable us to break into the location where the safety deposit box is and obtain the Pluto. Oh and we’re going to need a leader called ‘Ocean’. We’d be Ocean’s team.

Anyway, the SEGA Pluto saga continues…

[Source: Gamegavel, via SEGA Addicts]

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