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Possibly the biggest SEGA Nerd ever needs help finding one last game

With a SEGA game collection that every good SEGA Nerd should be jealous of – heck every gamer should be jealous of – Twitter user, @Mrwistles, needs help finding just one last game to complete his ultimate collection.

According to Mr Wistles, he has every single SEGA game ever made, except for Sonic 2 in 1 for the Game Gear. Sonic 2 in 1 is quite an uncommon game for SEGA’s handheld – it contained both Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball on one cartridge.

The game on its own isn’t super hard to get a hold of. However, to finish Mr Wistles’ master collection, he needs the game to be boxed and complete. Checking on eBay the copies I’ve seen are boxless, or don’t mention a box (and don’t have one pictured on the item page).

So, in the spirit of helping a fellow SEGA Nerd – we put it out there for you. Do you own or know anyone who owns a boxed copy of Sonic 2 in 1 – and are willing to sell it to Mr Wistles?

If so, contact him on Twitter.

[Special Thanks: Rohan Black]

Graham Cookson

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