Remastered Android and iOS Sonic gameplay footage emerges

At GDC earlier this year, SEGA revealed that a remastered version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog would be heading towards Android and iOS devices.

The game has been rebuilt from the ground up, by Christian Whitehead – the guy legend who ported Sonic CD over to mobiles and consoles – and another sexy community member, ‘Stealth’.

Anyway, Android Police has posted up some footage of the Android version of the game. We believe it’s quite an early build, as the game currently has no soundtrack, but if you look closely, you should see some improved visuals and animations over the standard ports that SEGA brought to iOS a couple of years ago – such as the wrecking ball Robotnik uses, it now has more animation and movement.

It just amazes me that I takes a couple of fans to bring a truly decent version of a game we loved as kids. Still, I guess we need to give SEGA some credit for actually allowing Christian and Stealth to release their versions of Sonic. Speaking of which, SEGA also confirmed at GDC that Sonic 2 will be making its way over at some point.

The new version is heading to Android and iOS this month (April) for $2.99. Now I just need to hold out for a Windows Phone version too!

[Source: Android Police]

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