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Castle of Illusion HD on its way?

Back in February (before we relaunched) the classic SEGA-made Disney title, Castle of Illusion (or Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – to give its full title, but that would take up far too much time to type out – won’t it?) was spotted on a Brazilian Classification site for release on Xbox, PS3, Wii U and PS Vita.

Castle of Illusion XBLAThis obviously led to speculation that the Mega Drive/Genesis title would be coming out sometime soon. Well now, there has been some XBLA boxart mockups (see right) leaked for the game – featuring redesigned images, leading people to believe/hope that an HD remake of the game could be on its way.

Well the images do look a little ‘off’, in my opinion. I’ve definitely seen worse, but there’s something about this that just doesn’t look ‘official’ to me – which is partly why we are still treating this as a rumour.

But, anyway, these new images and the Brazilian classification seems to cement the possibility of the game arriving on modern systems.

I would assume (if it does come out) that it would be the Mega Drive/Genesis version of the game. But, I have to admit, I would love to see the Game Gear version come out too – as the games, while featuring levels set in the same ‘locations’, played out very differently and the Game Gear version featured harder boss fights (as far as I recall).

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye out for this. And hopefully if SEGA and Disney do start to remake their 16-Bit titles there could be a chance that we get to see other classics, such as World of Illusion, Aladdin, Toy Story and Lion King – which were all excellent games.

[Source: VG Leaks, Via NintendoLife]

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