SEGA Studios Australia to close?

According to a report from Kotaku, SEGA is set to shut down its Brisbane-based Australia studios.

No specific details seem to have been announced, but Kotaku states that SEGA confirmed the move with the site – with SEGA only saying that the studio will be shut down “later this year”.

We’ll take this with a pinch of salt, until SEGA confirms anything officially, but its hardly a stretch to think that it will be real.

The studio’s last game to be released was London 2012. Before this the team worked as the Australian branch of UK-based The Creative Assembly, working on games such as Medieval II: Total War and Stormrise. And just over a year ago, SEGA Studios Australia  saw around half of the studio’s staff laid off following a shift towards the digital marketplace.

It’s always sad to hear news like this, especially in the industry we love. Let’s just hope that SEGA has some strong plans up its sleeve, its only going to have a handful of studios left at this rate – after closing down most of the European divisions last June.

[Source: Kotaku]


Graham Cookson

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