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PC version of SASR Transformed just got some updates

Good news for PC owners of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, today Sumo Digital has released an update for the game, fixing bugs, solving graphics card compatibility issues and removing some ‘exploits’ to make the game fairer for online gaming.

The update is said to sort out quite a lot of issues, so if you own the PC version of the game and have had some problems, then hopefully this will solve them for you.

Sumo’s SOL talks more in-depth about the update:

“Well over the last few weeks we’ve been making changes and addressing issues we’ve seen players report. We’ve also take the opportunity to close off some exploits and tighten the game up a little.

What’s new then? Here goes…

1. Alternative INTZ Render for cards that don’t support INTZ.

So if you’re on a Radeon 3xxx series card or older GeForce / Intel cards you should find the game can now render everything correctly. Whilst the rendering now has a fall back mode, we can’t promise you’ll get great performance though without dropping the detail or resolution down a peg…!

2. VAC Support

We had a lot of requests for this and it’s now in place. As with all VAC games, if you attempt to cheat using various memory hackers, trainers or altered executables – you run the risk of being VAC banned and this will prevent you playing the game online forever. If you aren’t cheating, it should otherwise be transparent to you.

3. Exploits addressed

We’ve closed off a number of exploits players spotted – and some that you didn’t. We’re keen to promote a fair online play experience, we want people to enjoy playing the game with each other!

4. Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed a few bugs that have been spotted, again both internally and externally. It should be more stable in split-screen games after extended amounts of time for example.

…and more… But I don’t want to ruin some surprises :P”

There is a small downside to all this. The game’s leadboards have been reset, due to some of the exploits some cheaters players were using.

“Due to the exploit fixes, we’ve reluctantly had to wipe the leaderboards for the game. We had suspicious times on there due to exploits being used and the only way to be fair about this was to get the exploit fixes in, enable VAC and then let everyone start from a level playing field. I realise this won’t be to everyones tastes, but it seemed the fairest way to do it.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the changes!”

[Source: Steam Community]

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