In 2001, Chris Powell created Dreamcaster’s Realm to be an enthusiast site where Dreamcast owners could go to read news and reviews on the system. Despite SEGA announcing its cancellation of the Dreamcast that same year, the two continued their steadfast coverage of the Dreamcast for several years.

However, as SEGA eventually moved development of its games to other platforms, Chris and Graham wanted a platform where they could cover SEGA across all systems.

In 2006, in the ashes of Dreamcaster’s Realm, SEGA Nerds was born to be a news source for SEGA enthusiasts to get coverage of their favorite video game site in one place.

SEGA Nerds quickly became the number one source for SEGA news on the Internet and several video game magazines and other sites have relied on the site for breaking news and coverage over the years.

In 2009-2010, Chris deployed overseas and the site began to be updated more infrequently, to the point where it was unofficially closed down in 2011.

Two years later, on April 1, 2013, Chris and Graham relaunched SEGA Nerds with a renewed commitment to reclaiming the respect and desire to once again be the best source for SEGA news coverage anywhere around.

The two brought back several members of the original staff and filled out the roster with new and incredibly talented professionals in the community, ranging from artists, documentarians and video editors.

In the short time the site has been back, SEGA Nerds has quickly built itself the reputation of being a credible source for news, having covered and been the first to report many prominent stories.

Along with the relaunch of the site, the two brought back the SEGA Nerdcast and have had many incredible guests, like Tom Kalinske, Al Nilsen, Greg Johnson, Mike Mendheim and Keith Apicary, to name a few.

More than any time before, the SEGA Nerds team remains committed to being the very best we can to ensure video game fans have a place to go to get their daily dose of SEGA content.