Daily Archives: March 6, 2017

Taking a look at some of the best Genesis games

Getting hold of a game is a simple process today. Just hop on to a platform like Steam and you can purchase and download the game to your PC or console instantly, using any number of payment gateways available. Rewind 30 years, and it wasn’t as straightforward as it is now. You would have to queue outside your local game store …

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Senile Team announces Dreamcast platformer Intrepid Izzy

Senile Team, the developer behind games such as Rush Rush Rally Racing and Beats of Rage, has announced a new action-adventure platformer called Intrepid Izzy that will be released on the Dreamcast and PC.  Intrepid Izzy’s “gameplay and graphics are like a wonderful marriage between classic and modern gaming,” reads its official website. “Explore a colourful and imaginative world as …

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